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A delightful massage oil enriched with 300mg of highly concentrated CBD. Infusions of peppermint and lavender bring a cooling and soothing sensation. Meanwhile, chamomile essential oil and skin nourishing almond oil support calm. Feel Infinite throughout your day with Infinity CBD. Read More


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Harness the Power of CBD Massage Oil with GreenBox

Massage oils combine the best botanicals and essential oils to create a relaxing experience perfect for soothing tired muscles and an overworked mind. Here at GreenBox, we are proud to stock the best CBD massage oil in the UK, from our partners at Infinity CBD.

GreenBox is the ultimate supplier of all things related to natural, plant-based health and wellbeing products. We are helping our customers every single day to live happier and healthier lives by harnessing the natural restorative properties of botanicals and minerals all over the world – through essential oils and extracts. We know that cannabidiols (CBDs) are a powerful ingredient, and that is why we have curated a wide range of health, beauty and wellbeing products that contain this unique, plant-based molecule.

We are a top supplier of CBD massage oil online because we have strict quality, health, and safety standards that all our suppliers must meet, wherever they are from. We know that it is the best quality CBD that offers the most benefit, so not only do we choose suppliers based on their ethical values (100% Vegan, planet-friendly) we also test every product ourselves to make sure it meets our standards before we sell it.

What to Look for When You Buy CBD Massage Oil?

If you are looking for a reliable place to buy CBD massage oil, there are a few things to bear in mind.

Firstly, the CBD content. A CBD massage oil, online or in stores, should have the amount of CBD in the product clearly marked. CBD is a separate molecule from other parts of the cannabis or hemp plant and needs to be extracted without contamination from THC or CBG to be pure enough. In a CBD massage oil in the UK, you should expect a reasonably high concentration of CBD.

Other ingredients are also important. All massage oils will come with a carrier oil of some description – this allows the CBD and any added essential oils to mix nicely and makes its application and use much easier. Carrier oils can be almost anything, but here at GreenBox we only use 100% Vegan natural oils.

Essential oils make a CBD massage oil online smell pleasant and have restorative and healing properties themselves that can add a different edge to the oil.

We love the Infinity CBD Massage Oil. UK-based Infinity CBD offers hand-crafted, artisanal CBD products from their carbon-neutral facility in Wales, and the carefully created blend in their massage oil with CBD is a perfect combination.

With 300mg of CBD in every oil, alongside chamomile, lavender, and peppermint essential oils, it is a fragrant and relaxing option. Chamomile is known to be relaxing but is also anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and even an antiseptic, while peppermint is cooling and soothing (especially to itchy and irritated skin). Lavender, of course, is well known to be a calming and relaxing essential oil, but also has anti-inflammatory properties. All this is combined in skin-nourishing almond oil.

GreenBox – Simple Processes & Great Massage Oil with CBD in the UK

We know that there is no need for added complications in our lives, so if you are looking for the best place to buy CBD massage oil it could not be simpler when you shop with GreenBox. Just place your order with us before 3pm, we will ship it the same day, and with standard shipping you will get it in 48 hours. Get the best CBD oil for massage in the UK from GreenBox today! Read Less

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  • CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of 115 cannabinoids found naturally in the hemp plant. Cannabinoids can interact with the body via the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) to maintain a normal state of healthy balance
  • Lavender is a well known soothing and calming plant extract with anti-inflammatory properties. There is good evidence that lavender oil can ease dry itchy skin and potentially treat the likes of eczema and psoriasis. Learn more here
  • Peppermint provides a cooling feeling to the skin and there is early evidence that it may also have a good effect in calming itchy skin. Learn more here
  • Chamomile is a powerful and soothing anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and antiseptic. It’s a strong carrier ingredient too, and helps increase penetration of other plant extracts too. Learn more here

The Infinity CBD story began with a local Fibromyalgia support group. They were exploring alternative remedies to help manage crippling symptoms, including chronic pain. Many of the Infinity CBD products have been created with this group in mind. Products are lovingly handcrafted using a small batch, quality-assured production process. The team have a clear mission to promote health and wellbeing using all natural ingredients.


Pesticides, heavy metals, THC.

Infinity CBD Massage Oil

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Purchase and earn 24 GreenPoints!
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